6 Best Finish for Indoor Cedar Furniture 2021[Reviews & Buying Guide]

Cedar wood is the most durable and most attractive hardwood that has lots of special features such as weather-resistant, insect,mold-resistant, recognizable scent, and so on.

So, everyone loves to use cedar wood for indoor furniture and it’s true that you can leave your cedar furniture unfinished if you like the natural look of it.

But you can increase the longevity and enhance the beauty of your indoor cedar furniture to put the right finish on them. And to do that you must know; what is the best finish for indoor cedar furniture?

Generally, all kinds of finishes are good for cedar. But the clear penetrating type finish such as linseed oil, tung oil, danish oil is most suitable for indoor cedar furniture. This type of finish protects the wood from the inside and doesn’t the natural color of the cedar wood.

Good news; in this article, I have listed the 7 best finishes for indoor cedar furniture and you can pick anyone for your cedar furniture.

So, without losing time, let’s check the list-

Top 6 Finish For Indoor Cedar Furniture-Comparisons

FinishRecoat AfterCure TimePrice
FurnitureClinic Boiled Linseed Oil for Wood24 hours2-3 Days
HOPE'S Pure Tung Oil24 hours1-2 Days
LinSheen Boiled Linseed Oil16-24 hours1-2 Days
Watco Danish Oil Wood Finish6-24 hours3 Days
Minwax Antique Oil Finish24 hours1-2 Days
Varathane Water-Based Polyurethane2 hours1-2 Days

Top 7 Finish For Indoor Cedar Furniture-Reviews

1.FurnitureClinic Boiled Linseed Oil for Wood

FurnitureClinic Boiled Linseed Oil for WoodFurnitureClinic is the most popular brand for wood-improving products for the last 20 years. And according to the expert, FurnitureClinic Boiled Linseed Oil is one of the best oil finishes for indoor cedar furniture. Let’s see what features make it best-

The raw oil is derived from the seed of flax(linseed) and finally, the oil has been treated with hot air to get the final products. 

Want to know the benefit of boiled linseed oil?

 Boiled linseed oil dries fast and can penetrate into the wood more quickly within 10-15 minutes. Because of its fast-drying features, you can recoat your indoor furniture only after 24 hours.

According to the expert and user’s opinion, it is the most durable and protective finish today. The oil penetrates into the wood and protects the furniture from rust, mold, mildew, insects, cracks, and moisture.

This is the certified sealer by Good Housekeeping. That means it is perfect for every kind of indoor and outdoor cedar or western red cedar furniture such as cedar chest(learn more about cedar chest finish), kitchen furniture, dining furniture, bedroom, and garden furniture.

Besides durability, it provides an attractive and glossy look on your furniture that doesn’t change over time.

The easy application process is the most likable feature of this finish. You can apply this finish with a clean cloth, brush, or roller. So, you can pick this food-safe, durable, attractive, and easy-to-apply finish for finishing or refinishing the new or old furniture.


2. HOPE’S Pure Tung Oil

HOPE'S Pure Tung OilHere is another best finish for cedar furniture from HOPE. You will be happy to know HOPE is a brand that is known for natural and pure products.

HOPE’S Pure Tung Oil is a natural oil that is derived organically from the pressed seed of a Chinese tung tree. Because of its natural and organic nature, you don’t need to worry about food and health safety. You can use this finish for your interior furniture and kitchen tools and fixtures.

Besides indoor cedar furniture, you can also apply this finish to any wooden objects, wooden floor, concrete floors, and countertops.

It is also a penetrating type of wood finish and the wood can easily absorb the oil and create a shield from the inside of wood against water, alcohol, dust, rot, mildew, and insects.

It is an easy-to-apply hand rub finish. You can use a cloth or foam to apply the finish on your indoor cedar furniture. Multiple coats are required. But you need less than an hour to recoat.

And the top coat needs a minimum of 24 hours to dry completely and finally, you will get a low glossy, durable, brush mark-free, clean and aesthetic appearance of your cedar furniture.


3.LinSheen Boiled Linseed Oil

LinSheen Boiled Linseed OilLinseed oil strikes again. But this oil is from the LinSheen brand.LinSeen is also a popular brand that has been providing premium wood products for the last 120 years.

Like the other boiled linseed oil, it is also extracted from flaxseed that has been treated with more than a hundred degrees temperature for multiple days. And you will be happy to know, the hot air treatment decreases the drying time.

It is a penetrating type of finish that means the wood absorbs the oil and enhances the color of the wood grain as well as provides complete protection against moisture, crack, mold, mildew, and insects.

The best part of the linseed oil is, it can’t change the natural color of cedar furniture. It just enhances the color.

You can use this oil both indoor and outdoor cedar and other hardwood furniture to finish or revive them. Simply 2-3 coats are required for indoor cedar furniture but you can add or minus the coat according to your desire.

You can apply this finish with a clean cloth. Simply put the oil on cedar furniture and rub the cloth smoothly.Also, you can use a roller or brush to apply the oil. Lastly, the finish is completely safe for food and skin.


4. Watco Danish Oil Wood Finish

Watco Danish Oil Wood FinishWatco Danish Oil Wood Finish is the most popular finish for indoor cedar furniture. This is the penetrating type of finish that is specially formulated only for indoor furniture.

Also, it is a low vac finish that means it is not harmful to the human and the environment. It has a natural stain that doesn’t change the color of the wood. It just increases the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Want to know what is the main ingredient of danish oil? 

Actually, the danish oil contains 50% or more tung oil and varnish. And you will be happy to know; this composition is completely perfect to seal the indoor wooden furniture from rot, mildew, crack, abrasion, chipping, peeling, and moisture.

This comes with an easy hand rub formula. So, you don’t need to be an expert to apply this finish. Simply brush or wipe on and wipe off the furniture.

2-5 coats are required for cedar furniture. But if you don’t like glossy appearances you can minimize the 1 or 2 coats. So, you can pick this non-toxic, easy-to-use, and durable finish for your interior cedar or other wooden furniture and fixtures.


5. Minwax Antique Oil Finish

Minwax Antique Oil FinishMinwax is a brand that has been providing quality products since 1904. And this antique oil finish is one of the most selling finishes of them. It is an oil-based finish that is perfect for all kinds of interior wooden furniture including cedar.

The antique oil is a perfect blend of boiled linseed oil and varnish. And you will be happy to know; this mixture is durable to protect indoor furniture from moisture, wood rot, insects, and stains.

This is the penetrating type of wood finish and you can use this oil on your bare wood furniture to enhance the natural beauty. To enhance the natural beauty of the cedar wood, it contains some natural stains in the finish. 

This oil is highly recommended for indoor furniture. According to the expert, the antique oil is completely safe but it has no food safety grade. So, you may avoid this oil for the kitchen table or other food touching furniture or fixtures.

If you are not professional at wood finishing, don’t worry! It comes with an easy to apply formula. You can apply this finish with a brush or cloth easily.

Two coats are required for cedar furniture and you need to wait 24 hours to apply the second coat. It provides a satin sheen. If you need a more glossy look, you can add more coats.


6. Varathane Water-Based Polyurethane

Varathane Water-Based PolyurethaneIf you are looking for the best polyurethane for cedar furniture, here is the Varathane Water-Based Polyurethane for you. It is only for interior uses. Don’t know details about polyurethane? Keep on reading-

Polyurethane is a film foaming finish that creates a protective film on the wood and protects the wood from rust, scratches, insects as well as beautifies the wood.

The best part of this polyurethane is, it is very durable. That means it has a higher degree of protection, especially against scratches and stains.

You know; it is a water-based finish. That means it is easier to clean. Also, it is a clear finish and it has no stains. So, you can get the natural color of your cedar with this finish. It just enhances the natural beauty without changing the color.

Fast drying is one of the best features of this finish. It dries only after 30 minutes. Multiple coats are required for the interior cedar. Apply the recoat only after 2 hours to get the perfect gloss finish.

To apply the finish perfectly, you need a synthetic bristle brush. Pour the synthetic brush on the finish and let the brush absorb the maximum of polyurethane. Then pull the brush from left to right without lifting the brush. Read the label of the products to know the application process in detail.


How To Pick The Right Finish For Indoor Cedar Furniture?

Thousands of finishes are available in the market today-penetrating finish, film foaming finish, oil-based finish, and water-based finish. All have some advantages and disadvantages. So, everything depends on your project.

We are discussing the finish for interior cedar wood furniture. And to pick the right finish, we have to consider some points. 

Type of The Finish

You may already know; there are two types of finish. Penetrating and film foaming finish. Both are perfect for indoor cedar furniture. But the penetrating type of finish(e.g; tung oil, linseed oil) is most suitable.

The Stain of the Finish

Some finish contains some stains. And it is not a problem. It depends on you. If you don’t change the color, then pick the clear finish.

According to the expert, clear or some natural stain is perfect for cedar wood.

The Sheen of The Finish

Different types of finish such as gloss,semi-gloss, satin, matte finish are available. Which should you pick? You can pick any kind of sheen for your cedar wood according to your desire.

Drying Time and Required Coat

It is one of the important features you should consider. Check if the finish has fast-drying features or not and how many coats are required and how much time you should wait for recoat.

This will help you to understand how much time you need to complete the finished project.

Application Process

You need the synthetic brush to apply some finish. On the other hand, you can apply the finish with a cloth or foam. And some have facilities to apply with brush, roller, foam, and cloth.

You first know which one is more convenient for you. Then you have to choose accordingly.

How To Apply Finish To Indoor Cedar Furniture?

Items Required-

  1. Wood Finish
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Cloth/Brush
  4. Protective Gear(Mask, Gloves)


  1. Use sandpaper if required and Clean the furniture.
  2. Pour the brush or cloth on the finish and wipe on the furniture.
  3. Wait to sit the finish
  4. Recoat again. Read the label of your finish. Sand the furniture before recoat (if required)
  5. Let them fully cure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cedar dangerous for your health when used in indoor furniture?

Cedar wood is completely safe for indoor furniture. But cedar dust is toxic for humans. According to the FDA, well-finished cedar furniture is not dangerous for health. So, wear the mask to sand the cedar furniture and put the sealer on it.

Does indoor cedar need to be sealed?

Sealing is the best way to protect cedar furniture. But you will be happy to know; Cedar wood can last long without sealing. Thereafter you should seal the indoor cedar. Some people claim unfinished cedar is toxic. So, seal your cedar furniture and enhance its beauty.


Cedar wood is highly protective and durable for any kind of wooden project. But choosing the right finish for indoor furniture is tricky.

After lots of research, I found the best finishes for indoor cedar furniture. I hope the review will help you get the perfect sealer.

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